DEATH KILLER is an innovative virtual extreme metal artist. DEATH KILLER combines the ultimate metal music experience with the childlike love for virtual characters.


The 9-track debut, “Total Destruction Of The Entire Universe”, is looking for a label to release the album. DEATH KILLER is also looking for animators, synchronisation partners, branding partners and a well-networked management.

The music of DEATH KILLER breaks extreme music genre barriers in a new way, resulting in the heaviest and the most aggressively fun tracks possible. Combining nu-metal, industrial metal and experimental electronic music, DEATH KILLER is ready to break bones and drive any metal head nuts. Musical collaboration possibilities are vast, as DEATH KILLER is a producer artist rather than a traditional band – he is ready to “DEATHKILLERIZE” featuring vocalists (such as Zolagka, The Witch From Hell on the debut) and other artists in unique collaborations.

As a definite and entertaining virtual character, DEATH KILLER creates a strong visual brand. The character can appear in music video animations, comic books, advertisements, various forms of merchandise and even games.